Humboldt International University maintains collaborative relationships with different countries, colleges, and universities through academic collaboration agreements as follows:

  • Dominican Republic: Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo (UASD), Universidad Evangelica (UNEV), Instituto Nacional de Formación y Capacitación del Magisterio del Ministerio de Educacion (INAFOCAN), and with the Ministerio de Educacion Superior Ciencia y Tecnologia. Holding of seminars, workshops and congresses, exchange of professors, provision of scholarships for students in the Doctor of Education.
  • Mexico: Instituto Tecnológico de Sonora, Universidad Veracruzana, Benemerita Universidad de Puebla, Universidad Autónoma de Hidalgo. Celebration of congresses, joint publications, and exchange of professors.
  • Spain: Universidad de Extremadura, Universidad de Castilla la Mancha. Celebration of conferences, exchange of professors, research, and joint publications.

Humboldt International University (HIU) maintains affiliations with various organizations and associations such as:

  • The Florida Foreign Trade Association
  • The Association of Private Colleges and Schools of South Florida
  • The Venezuelan American Chamber of Commerce of the United States
  • Doral County Chamber of Commerce
  • The International Council for Open and Distance Education

These affiliations provide University leadership with the opportunity to network and gain insights into local Florida business information and higher education trends.

The University also retains relationships with various colleges and universities to conduct research projects by exchanging ideas, establishing recommendations, fostering goodwill among educational institutions, and expanding diversity in education. Specific examples of collaboration include the organization of joint events, the development of joint research and publications, and consideration of shared faculty for available adjunct instructor positions.