Master of Science in Organizational Leadership

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership

The purpose of the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership degree is to enable students to acquire knowledge and develop competencies that will make them effective leaders at any level of an organization. The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership degree prepares students to become leaders to serve in today’s dynamic organizations. Students will gain the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to lead their organizations through complex changes in our global society by continually transforming their organizations through professional development and processes, and implementing strategic initiatives in order to maintain a competitive advantage. This degree program concentrates heavily on leader-follower interactions, cross- cultural communications, coaching, influencing, and team development, leading organizational changes, strategic thinking, project leadership, and behavioral motivation theories.

Program Breakdown by Course

Course Number Course Name Semester Credits
Mastering eLearning – (Pre-requisite for Distance Education Programs) Non-credit
Core Courses (31 credits)
Leadership Theories and Practices 3.0
Creating and Leading in Effective Organization 3.0
Mentoring and Coaching 3.0
Cross-Cultural Human Relations and Negotiation 3.0
Communicating Leadership 3.0
Leadership Capstone 4.0
Decision Making and Problem Solving 3.0
Project Management 3.0
Competitive Intelligence 3.0
Tools for Business Statistic 3.0
Concentration: Business (9 credits)
Management Information Systems 3.0
Human Resources and Knowledge Management 3.0
Business Prospective 3.0
Concentration: Education (9 credits)
Planning and Management of Education 3.0
Curriculum and Instruction 3.0
Learning Technologies Environments 3.0
Concentration: Oral Medicine (9 credits)
New Technologies in Oral Medicine 3.0
Scientific basis of Dentistry 3.0
Information quality resources for Dentists 3.0



Credential Awarded
Master of Science

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