Financial Services


Tuition must be paid on time according to the terms of the Enrollment Agreement. In the case of extenuating circumstances, the student should consult with the Financial Assistance representative who in turn will discuss the situation with the Executive Director. Once the candidate has finished the preliminary conversation with the Admissions Rep on which program to accept, the candidate will need to talk with the Financial Assistance Representative to determine which payment plan best suits their needs.

The Financial Assistance Representative will contact the student via email or in person and discuss the various payment plans available (Monthly, Program, and/or Semester). Once the candidate has selected the payment plan, the Financial Assistance Representative will send the document via email to the candidate who shall sign it electronically via DocuSign.

Once the Payment Plan is signed the student will continue talking with the Admissions rep until the student signs the program Enrollment Agreement. Once signed the full tuition payment is due.


Registration fee (Non-refundable) $100
Re-Enrollment Fee (Non-refundable) $150
Undergraduate cost per Credit $150
Masters cost per Credit $275
Doctorate cost per Credit $435
Technology fee (per semester) $30
Mastering E-Learning Course $150
Graduation Fee (includes Diploma and Academic Transcript) $100
English Proficiency Remedial training and test $450
Processing Fee for evaluation of transcript to establish credit course transferability for previous education $150
Duplicate Academic Transcript Fee and Other Official Correspondences $50
Apostille Fee (Optional) $75

The technology fee covers e-learning materials and access to the online library. In addition to tuition and fees, students might spend an estimated $2,000.00 for the program on books.

NOTE: Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. Students should confirm current tuition and fees on the Humboldt International University website.


The student who applies for a financial assistance payment plan must speak with an Admissions Representative and go over their individual payment options. Payments are due on the start date. Any further arrangements have to be made with the Financial Department.

The University accepts students’ payments in the form of cash, checks, money orders, bank transfers and on-line payment thru PayPal. All student payments are due during the first ten days of the month or otherwise as agreed to with the university’s representative. Failing to meet the payments for two consecutive installments may result in administrative termination. A student who is delinquent in his/her financial obligations to the University will not be issued an academic transcript or diploma.

To collect delinquent accounts the administration will contact the student in writing requesting prompt cancellation of all monies owed to the Institution, reminding him/her that according to the university’s policies he/she may be suspended or even dismissed from the Institution due to this matter. If the student refuses to fulfill his/her obligations with the university, HIU reserves the right to use collecting agencies and any other legal action that may be appropriate.