Associate of Science in Information Technology

Associate of Science in Information Technology

The purpose of this program is to offer a technical training and a basic foundation in the most popular computer software applications as well as a general background in many computer concepts and techniques. Our graduates will be ready to apply for entry-level positions as system specialist, user support specialist, and computer information managers. The Associate of Science in Information Technology program provides students with the science of design, analysis and implementation of highly effective systems and can adapt it to convert it into a resource that adds significant value to the organization.

Program Breakdown by Course

Course Number Course Name Semester Credits
Mastering eLearning – (Pre-requisite for Distance Education Programs) Non-credit
General Education (15 Credits)
English Composition I 3.0
English Composition II 3.0
College Algebra 3.0
Statistics 3.0
Critical Thinking and Ethics 3.0
Core Courses (45 Credits)
Information Management for Business 3.0
Principles of Project Management 3.0
Service Desk Concepts 3.0
Principles of Information Technology 3.0
Mathematical Logic 3.0
Software Operations 3.0
Fundamentals of Database Systems 4.0
Networking Management Fundamentals 4.0
Web Page Development Concepts 4.0
Associate Capstone 4.0
Computer Programming Fundamentals 4.0
Office Productivity Tools 4.0
Hardware Operations 3.0



Credential Awarded
Associate of Science

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