Doctor of Education (Ed.D)

Doctor of Education (Ed.D)

The Doctor of Education degree (Ed.D.) prepares education scholars and leaders for the 21st century. The Ed.D. is focused on the development of educational environments and aims to train doctoral students with a broad and solid multidisciplinary foundation, to understand the problem of creating and implementing new learning systems combining different kinds of learning deliveries. Students conduct cutting-edge studies that address the most pressing issues in education. Upon completion of the program, graduates can take positions as university faculty, senior-level educational leaders, and policymakers.

Program Breakdown by Course

Course Number Course Name Semester Credits
Mastering eLearning
(Prerequisite for Distance Education Programs)
Non- credit
Core Courses (9 credits)
DOE 8000 Issues and Trends in Education 3.0
DOE 8002 Theoretical Foundations of Educational Environment 3.0
DOE 8003 Technology and Leadership in Educational Institutions 3.0
Research Courses (24 credits)
DBR 9008 Information Search for Research 6.0
DBR 9009 Design and Research Methodologies 6.0
DBR 9010 Applied Statistics in Research 6.0
DBR 9011 Collection and Analysis of Research Data 6.0
Dissertation Courses (18 credits)
DBD 9012 Dissertation Project 3.0
DBD 9013 Dissertation Proposal 6.0
DBD 9014 Dissertation Applied Research 6.0
DBD 9015 Doctoral Dissertation Defense 3.0
CONCENTRATIONS: Educational Systems & Environment Courses (9 credits)
DOE 8004 Knowledge Management Process in Education 3.0
DOE 8005 Policy Analysis in Education 3.0
DOE 8006 Cross-National & Cross-Cultural Perspective in Education 3.0
CONCENTRATIONS: Instructional Leadership (9 credits)
DOE 8007 Foundations of Instructional Leadership 3.0
DOE 8008 Curriculum and Instruction 3.0
DOE 8009 Leadership Assessment and Development 3.0



Credential Awarded

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