About us

Humboldt International University


The mission of Humboldt International University is to offer high-quality educational services in suitable virtual environments to meet the learning needs of students through the development and implementation of appropriate technologies. We encourage and support innovation and creativity, utilizing technology as the backbone of our content delivery. We foster an environment conducive to quality learning experiences through the competency-based educational model and a problem-solving approach, coupled with the academic and practical training that enables students to achieve their professional goals.


The vision of Humboldt International University is to establish a space of excellence for the development of the proper attitudes needed to respond to the challenges posed by the new social and technological dynamics. Our work is focused on networking with other autonomous institutions to create a synergy to provide better educational services to more students in the global environment taking into consideration current and future regional needs.


The Distance Education Environment is composed of the Learning Educational Module, the Learning Management System (Synchronous and Asynchronous Platforms) and the Administrative System. Students have access to the systems 365 days a year, 24 hours per day. To access the distance learning campus students and professors require computers with internet access. Students will each get their username and password to access the platform. The distance education environment is set up for maximum interaction between the students and their professors.

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