Mabel Arbesu obtained her Bachelor of Sciences degree in Library and Information Science, in Havana, Cuba, 1997. She has been certificated as Adult Education Teacher and Academic Advisor by Miami Dade County Public Schools Board in 2015.

Ms Arbesu has also been working as Online courses designer and instructor for Virtual College system at University of Guadalajara Mexico during 2005 to 2011, and currently at Humboldt International University in Miami, Florida. In Mexico she designed and taught courses such as: “Project Management”, “Knowledge and Information Sciences”, and “Selection and Evaluation of Information Resources for academic learning”, among others.

She has also participated by supporting research as a consultant in various scientific studies in Demographic tourism, Biotechnology, Medicine and Pharmaceutical areas during 1997-2004.

In 2013, she created, designed and classified by subjects areas, the main content for HIU Virtual Library, which includes several information resources such as: Scientific and Social databases, journals and thesis. The HIU Virtual Library can be accessed through the HIU main portal.

Her passion in Education is to help students to achieve their goals, motivating and join them during the process by assisting their project’s fulfillment to accomplish a successful pathway to get their college degrees in United States.

Mabel Arbesu